KOMITI | Music
KOMITI - Shooting team based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Music events, regardless of their kind, sell through experiences and emotions.
And the best trigger for emotions are the visuals of life. Photography might seem simple, like many say “you just push a button”, but it’s actually far more than that. It’s composition, chromatic, investments. It’s art – the art you need to make your event known, appealing, with beautiful vibes, sending people the message they are proud to be part of it, or on the contrary, to feel sorry they’ve missed such an experience.

There’s a certain cadence in music, but photography has its own. Concert or festival photography is one of the most challenging fields around, as opposed to the posed ones. Any kind of pictures taken in still environments don’t come even close to the amount of resources and skills that we, photographers, need to handle and nourish in order to perfectly cover a live concert. Photographs are one way to prove not only the quality of the event, but also the state of the industry – both are covered in great depth along the process.

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